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My parents have a few hives. They got them during lockdown, my dad buying them 'for my mum' but then since he is retired and my mother is still working and travelling as a physio. Their couples activity soon transferred to another of his things, he has taken all sorts of exams, not sure if he qualifies as a Master bee keeper yet, but it's on the horizon. You can buy their honey at the end of our drive, it's fabulous. 

When the bees first arrived I was sat having hot cross buns and tea at a table at the bottom of the garden and one landed on me, I was always told that if you just stay still they will leave you alone. So I sat and let it crawl on my cheek.

However, out of the blue it just dug it's sting right into my face. It was very sore. Now I can't sit still near any little stinging bugs. 

Despite this harrowing incident, I do still like the bees, but from afar, they do very good work. Snuggling into flowers, pollinating. Sometimes, I feel bad for stealing their hard earned food stores. The golden elixr is too good to resist. They deserve support, celebration. And if a few of them get mad at me and decide I deserve a sting in the face... so be it I suppose. 


Make time for quiet hours

I've spent the last week sporadically escaping to a balcony in the mountains watching Swallows and reading Brading Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. 

That book is full of sweetness, love of people and love of everything in our world. 

Some other favourites quiet hour activities: 

Yoga outside in the breeze 

Knitting jumpers or gloves by the fire

Long walks with the dogs, complete with pauses for bird spotting or views

A swim in a river

Solo hot drink moments

Long bus, car or train journeys

Listening to lovely friends play instruments

Some other reading I love: 

Maggie Rogers, Lorde and Flyte's mailing lists. 

The Great Gatsby

The Parable of the Sower

The Alchemist

The Red Tent

Just Kids 

I'm With The Band - Confessions of a Groupie 


Any Harry Potter 

What books are you reading? 

Send me your reccomendations to

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