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Summer on Leith Hill

Summer on Leith Hill.jpg

Leith Hill

Mount Leith as my friend Clare and I affectionately call it, is a gorgeous spot where on a clear day you can see London on one side and Brighton on the other. 

If you decide to make a visit make sure to order something from the little shop in the tower, a hearty mug of tea and a slice of cake would be my reccomendation. 

Here's a playlist I have made for your summer days in the wilderness. 


Seasonal Sweetness

My favourite for foraged blackberries but delicious with any fruit 


5oz (141g) Caster Sugar

3oz (85g) Flour 

2 eggs

1 cup of milk (I use oat but any type works)


1. preheat oven to 180c. Mix together sugar and flour then add eggs

2. pour into an oven proof dish 

3. add the fruit and bake in the oven for 35 mins 



A bumble bee peers through the open window of a top floor bedroom with a sloping ceiling. It's a cool, but fair day. Downstairs is quiet but through the open window soft sounds of breakfast float into the bedroom. 

The room is messy. Sparkles, velvet and ruffled clothing hang from an exposed rail in the corner and a small table adorned with crystals and figures collected throughout youth are the most ordered things in the room. The girl in the bed pulls herself up and on her way out of the room glimpses her mother already watering and harvesting in the vegetable patch through the little triangle window at the top of the stairs. 

As her foot touches the bottom step, a fluffy black and white cocker spaniel wiggles a greeting before flying off to the otherside of the kitchen to see if any food has fallen since the last time he checked. 

A bowl of 'Auntie Joan's Cereal' is waiting on the side, the creamy, oaty, citrusy bowl of deliciousness reserved in the Dunn household for summer days to eat in the garden. 

Her father is outside at the table sipping a coffee and working hard on something, though you could never tell what it was. 

"Well HELLO me girl" He says looking up from whatever it is. "Breakfast in the garden?" 

She nods, chosing the side of the table that avoids sun in her eyes. 

"Will we go for a little walk later?" 

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