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Spring In The City



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A note...

Spring is when we all begin to feel well again, we come back into our bodies and want to be out and about looking at the flowers and stretching our limbs. 

It's the season of new life and new beginnings. The scattered bouts of sunshine lift our moods and the green shoots everywhere help us feel calm. 

We aren't the only ones feeling the effects of the sunshine, throughout the natural world spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. With the dawn chorus reaching new heights, the lambs filling the countryside fields, the tree buds poking through the woody branches. 

Spring in the city, is an odd one for me, a countryside girl, finding herself on her second spring time in London. It's tricky to navigate the intense desire to reimagine youself entirely. Perhaps becoming a Daisy Jones impersonator, perhaps abandoning the city for the countryside afterall. Silly of course. The magnolia blossom with one heavy shower could fall. 

Last spring I was writing in a room in an abandonded victorian bath house that I was the guardian of, I painted it all white with the help of my lovely Father. There was a huge window seat with a tree outside, the light would fall dappled on the wall. I was in a new relationship, shedding my skin, transforming once again, struggling to let go of the old ways, struggling with the way everyone else seemed to be letting go easily. 

This song came to me one sunny morning, while Harley was in the Shower. He came back and I excitedly told him I had written a great song, with the energy and conviction of any artist when they have just created something that feels like they feel. It's about confidence, rebirth, conviction, love. The yearly wake up. Throw your windows open, beat the dust out of the rug. 


The best kale salad

So easy to make and so delicious, use in season veg from the UK where you can! 



Beetroot (cooked, or any other cooked veg)

Crutons (home made or not!)

Sesame seeds

for the dressing: 

40g Sunflower seeds

60g Cashews

100ml Oat milk

2 tsp Dijon Mustard

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

3 tbsp olive oil

squeeze of lemon

pinch of salt and pepper

Soak your cashews in warm water for about 30 mins to an hour. Blend the dressing ingredients until smooth and creamy. Massage the dressing into the kale, top with the sesame seeds, crutons and veg and serve! 

Spring In The City - Original Demo
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