With her heart in the past and her eyes on the future, Bryony’s glistening left of centre pop music bristles with energy from across the solar system. The young songwriter’s thoughtful commentary on life, love and 21st century online existence was first explored through her debut EP Full Bloom and is now continued with the release of her new single L.O.V.E.R.S. 

 Growing up in the countryside of the Surrey hills, immersed in her parents eclectic record collection, an untameable passion for music was ignited by the fires of Coldplay, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and Paul Simon. Bryony’s comfort zone was singing in school choirs and shows and one day as if pre-ordained, she was compelled to sit at the out of tune piano in the family dining room and start writing songs.

L.O.V.E.R.S is the current incarnation of a sound that is constantly evolving and mutating. The pop heroines Lorde, Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine and Christine and the Queens are currently burning in her mind as she writes, records and performs her zesty new music. 

An electro-pop starlet with a shimmeringly bright future....Bryony is the embodiment of what’s great about pop right now.’ - On Record Magazine


‘Her forward thinking pop sound is mature and restrained, with emotive vocal writing taking center stage’ - Purple Melon


“understated yet punchy electro-pop...solidifying her status as an emotive pop artist to watch” - Born Music Online